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The better way to find your next EV charger. Energized by CIRRANTiC.

Alexa Skill launched
- find your best EV charging options, handsfree -

Overview: MOOVILITY meets Alexa, simply talk to your new EV charging assistant

Connect App&Skill: Get access to your favorites, services and wallet start

Features: Search for next best charger, charging services, availability, wallet

You are Chargepoint Operator and Charging Service Provider?
You want to reach out to your customers via Amazon Alexa?
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Driving an Electric Car is exciting ...
EV Charging on the Road needs to be that too.

To adopt clean and sustainable electric mobility, charging needs to be

  • reliable
  • stressfree
  • seamlessly integrated.

We are working day and night to surface all the information you need to start relaxed into driving with your electric car.

Key Features


Identify the current charger state by color form green (available) to darkblue/red (nothing left to use). See parking warning lights when ICE-ed.


See typical usage times 24/7 including a current forecast. Use TiMEtravel to visualize the charger availability for the next 24h.


Compare the relevant charging tariffs available at the charger in a standard AC & DC scenario. See details for each service, open app or registration page.


Tag your favourite chargers permanently or enroute. Tag your preferred charging services. Apply the favourite filter.


Select the charger relevant for your car and use case. Quickly pick DC chargers only enroute. Select powerlevel, plugs, and more.


Open validated direct payment links right within the app. No more inconvenient QR code scanning necessary. No fraud.

- direct payment & subscription services, safe & easy access -

Comparing: Get validated direct pay info before you arrive at a charger

Launching: Prepare direct payment in car before finally initiating the session

Recording: Track your direct pay charging sessions in one place for later use

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • All major charger operators and charging services are connected to MOOVILITY. If your are missing chargers or networks, let us know. New operators and serivce providers are welcome. Please reach out to us.

  • MOOVILITY is in the major app stores for your smartphone and is available as Alexa skill for your InCar solution (if supported by your EV). Siri in Apple devices can also help you finding chargers and the Maps placecard will guide you to MOOVILITY for more information.

  • MOOVILITY is integrated with Apple Maps. So if you search for EV chargers with Siri, CarPlay or within Apple Maps, the upcoming results can be reviewed. For more details like state, usage, services, prices, wallet you can directly link into the MOOVILITY app.

  • Not directly. We support direct pay with prices and links from the app, so you know before you arrive at the charger and don't have to scan QR codes. There will be some more news to the wallet soon. Stay tuned.

  • Charging services have their coverage and prices. MOOVILITY gives you additional information on the chargers like a neutral marketplace. The app shows an overview on almost all chargers, which charging services are available, and at what prices.

  • Though community based charger apps are nice, the charger data on MOOVILITY is live connected to the operators. Data is quality assured by algorithms developed by CIRRANTiC and improvements will be shown immediately, and also shared with the partners.

  • Hotline and contact information for operators and service providers are visible in the app. Please note, that we cannot help with remote access to the charger or the car. Please contact the most relevant partner.

  • There is a reporting form linked at each charger to report problems with the data or the app. Via Twitter or you can reach out to us as well.

  • Yes, for non-commercial, openly accessible uses. Send us a quick note to More options on request. MOOVILITY services can be subject to change without notice.
    Please use the iFrame-Tag: Include the following link, replace your domain address and adjust the parameters:

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